8 months ago 8 months ago

Marbella Cosmetic Surgery: The Duchess is the most requested rhinoplasty procedure in 2021

2021-10-25T12:27:33+01:008 months ago|Uncategorised|

When Kate Middleton, the UK’s Duchess of Cambridge, came into the public consciousness back in the 2000s, her nose became the most requested shape and is responsible for 15% increase in rhinoplasty requests [...]

3 years ago 3 years ago

New ultrasonic rhinoplasty: sound waves to reshape the nose

2021-02-15T02:26:07+01:003 years ago|Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty|

Rhinoplasty has, for years, been performed in the same way. Although there have been some alterations here and there with the procedure, the techniques have remained quite basic. But, a new method and a [...]

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