When Kate Middleton, the UK’s Duchess of Cambridge, came into the public consciousness back in the 2000s, her nose became the most requested shape and is responsible for 15% increase in rhinoplasty requests around the world, it was even given its own name The Duchess.

So, what is so special about ‘The Duchess’? It seems that it is coveted equally by both sexes for its straight edge and perfect 106-degree nasal tip, making it almost perfect.

Of course, Kate’s isn’t the first or indeed the only nose to be copied, celebrity facial features are often at the top of the shopping list when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Like going to the hairdresser, having a photo of the nose you want is a good idea, as long as you have realistic expectations.  For anyone considering rhinoplasty, it’s important to understand that replicating someone else’s nose on your face may not work, as everyone has different facial anatomy, skin, age and features. Your cosmetic surgeon will advise you of the most realistic outcome.

Marbella based cosmetic surgery expert, Dr. Pietro di Mauro, explains, “The nose is the first feature people notice, and when perfectly balanced it can enhance the eyes and even add a youthfulness to the face. However, it is important to remember that everyone is different and the results will vary according to the facial structure, size and balance.”

Dr. Pietro continues, “Rhinoplasty requires skill and artistry and it should only be undertaken by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, who can advise you on the possible outcome and explain how making even the smallest changes can have a dramatic difference to how you look and your self-esteem.”

Here are some of the most requested celebrity noses by patients considering rhinoplasty as listed in newbeauty.com:

Kate Middleton

As mentioned above, The Duchess nose, is straight with a cute upturned nasal tip, making it cute yet sophisticated at the same time. It has a quite a wide bridge but it is in perfect proportion to the tip.

Meghan Markle

Similar to her sister-in-law, in 2019, after Megan Markle joined the UK royal family her nose became the most requested in Los Angeles.  It is natural-looking, with a refined tip and very small that are very attractive without being perfect.

Jessica Alba

Jessica’s nose isn’t perfect but it is extremely feminine, it is not to large or small with a feminine lift, which makes it work well on her slightly wider face.

Kim Kardashian West

Many parts of Kim Kardashian are in demand when it comes to cosmetic surgery, and this includes her nose. The defined bridge leads to a full tip with slightly flared nostrils, making it extremely well balanced.

Natalie Portman

The perfect example of a feminine nose, straight, symmetrical and an attractive well-defined tip that is perfectly balanced and draws equal attention to her eyes and mouth.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer’s nose is notable due to its attainability. Each person’s nose and face are different, so what works for one patient may not work for another. In fact, trying to emulate a specific nose is a common route to a botched nose job that causes more harm than good.

Bella Hadid

Bella’s smooth bridge and delicate upturned nasal tip is one of the most sought after in the USA for people considering rhinoplasty.

Kylie Jenner

Possibly one of the most famous faces on the planet, Kylie has an extremely large young fan base which probably accounts for the popularity of her nose shape. It is feminine, no hump and it achieves a perfect reduction from the tip to her eyes, perfectly balanced for her face.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively has undergone rhinoplasty, so her nose offers potential clients an attainable result. The bridge is long and narrow with a rotated tip, creating an elegant sophisticated profile.

Halle Berry

Her nose is often mentioned during rhinoplasty consultations, as it is small and elegant yet the tip clearly shows her ethnicity.

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