17 hours ago 17 hours ago

Cosmetic Surgery in Marbella: How long do the results of liposuction last?

2021-09-13T09:50:45+01:0017 hours ago|Plastic surgery Blog|

Liposuction procedure explained If you’re considering undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, such as liposuction, it’s important to find out as much information as possible, so that you don’t have unrealistic expectations. One of [...]

5 months ago 5 months ago

Are you considering eye lift surgery? Dr. Pietro di Mauro answers some of the most frequency asked questions about cosmetic eye surgery in Marbella…

2021-05-12T15:13:39+01:005 months ago|Plastic surgery Blog|

Since the start of the pandemic the number of people seeking cosmetic surgery has been constantly increasing. With virtual communication now considered to be the new normal, it is clear that rather than focus [...]

7 months ago 7 months ago

Marbella cosmetic surgeon Dr. Pietro di Mauro explains the difference between Liposuction, Lipo Vaser and Abdominoplasty

2021-05-12T15:15:50+01:007 months ago|Plastic surgery Blog|

Annoying and unsightly bulges such as ‘love handles’ or a flabby tum may be driving you to distraction, but there is no need to despair, as there are surgical solutions.  Abdominoplasty (tummy tucks) and [...]

10 months ago 10 months ago

High Definition Lipo Vaser is now available in Marbella

2021-02-08T20:07:27+01:0010 months ago|Plastic surgery Blog|

If you’ve been dreaming of saying goodbye to those stubborn pockets of fat that are preventing you from getting the more defined body that you crave, you have most likely considered liposuction. This type [...]

1 year ago 1 year ago

Are you considering undergoing liposuction in Marbella?

2021-02-15T02:28:55+01:001 year ago|Plastic surgery Blog|

If you are emerging from lockdown and seriously considering undergoing liposuction, you are not alone. Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty and lipectemy, is the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedure in the western world [...]

2 years ago 2 years ago

Seasonal surgery | When is the ideal time of year to get plastic surgery?

2021-02-15T02:27:08+01:002 years ago|Plastic surgery Blog|

Even in Marbella, the arrival of winter means colder weather, wrapping up warm in clothes and spending more time indoors. This is why a plastic surgeon´s calendar gets busy in the winter months, as [...]

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