Rhinoplasty has, for years, been performed in the same way. Although there have been some alterations here and there with the procedure, the techniques have remained quite basic. But, a new method and a new tool is changing the industry. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty uses a device which vibrates at a high frequency to shape the nose.


What does it mean for the patient?

  • Less trauma and swelling
  • Less recovery time
  • More precise results


Dr. Pietro di Mauro, a leading plastic surgeon here in Marbella, is currently the only expert to perform ultrasonic rhinoplasty in the Costa del Sol area.


What to know more? Read on…


What exactly is it?

This modern version of the ‘nose job’ literally uses high frequency instruments to shape and file your nose in the required version.  Only a small 3 mm incision is needed for these instruments to work on your nose.  Where the classic rhinoplasty uses hammers and chisels, this new ultrasonic rhinoplasty delivers the high tech advantages of being much more precise, causing less trauma and by consequence a much faster recovery, because the equipment only works on bone, stopping when it hits soft tissue. Around one month after the procedure the little incision will be barely visible.


What is the procedure like?

On your first consultation in the plastic surgery clinic, Dr. Pietro di Mauro will assess your aesthetic goals and discuss whether the ultrasonic technology is suitable for you. The risks and benefits will be explained and all of your questions will be answered.

During the actual surgery you will be operated under general anaesthetic, which takes around two hours to complete. Your nose will be bandaged and supported by a splint for 5-10 days allowing the newly shaped nose to settle into place.


How soon can I go back to work?

A normal swelling will occur but you can expect to return to work and most of your normal day to day life after one to two weeks.  A total recovery may be expected within 2-3 months after the procedure.  An impressive difference compared to classic rhinoplasty, which requires up to a year of healing.

You will have follow up appointments with Dr di Mauro, to check the healing and ensure that you are satisfied with the result.


Where can I be operated?

Dr. Pietro di Mauro offers the revolutionary ultrasonic alternative in nose corrections in his plastic surgery clinic in Marbella, Algeciras or Ceuta where he and his skilled team do everything they can to deliver you a pleasant and satisfying experience.


Contact us now to book a consultation with Dr di Mauro.