It is around this time that our thoughts turn to getting in shape for the summertime, by adopting healthier diets and stepping up exercise regimes. If you feel that you need a little extra help, there is still time to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure and be recovered in time for the summer season.

Unsurprisingly, two of the most popular treatments, for the summer and indeed all year round, are liposuction and boob jobs, read our blog here to find out more. However, even if you don’t consider yourself as a beach babe who will be spending the summer on the beach or by the pool, we all want to look our best. This could be undergoing some ‘tweakments’ such as getting lip fillers, an eyelift or you may decide that you would feel much better after undergoing a full facelift.

Dr. Pietro di Mauro, one of the best plastic surgeons in Marbella, explains, “One of the busiest times for a cosmetic surgeon in Marbella is the springtime. Marbella is blessed with many beaches and has a world-famous social season, so many of my patients are keen to start preparing for the summer.  There is enough time to start working off excess weight and to have a little help, with liposuction, breast augmentation and facelifts.

Here are just a few of the cosmetic surgery procedures requested by patients who want to get in top shop for summertime.


Liposuction has come on a long way over the last few years, one of the latest methods which is offered by Dr. di Mauro is vaser lipo.  Tumescent fluid and anaesthetic is injected into the area to be treated, the fat is turned into liquid using ultrasound technology and then removed via a cannula tube. The method makes the fat easier to remove and causes less swelling and pain.

You will experience bruising and swelling for several weeks after which you will start to see the improvement. Full recovering and final results will take between 4 to 8 weeks. This treatment can be carried out on most parts of the body, from bingo wings to double chin, thighs to love handles, to refine the silhouette and get rid of ugly bulges that just don’t want to go with diet and exercise alone.


If you want to get a boob job, whether you want to increase the size and shape with breast augmentation or feel breast reduction surgery would enhance your figure, if you have the procedure in spring, you can recover in time for summer.  After the surgery you need to allow at least 6 weeks of limited activity to heal and for the swelling to subside.  The size of the implant will also affect the amount of swelling and when it will go down, so it is crucial to remember this when you are planning your schedule.


Lip fillers continue to be one of the most requested types of dermal filler. As the name suggests, lip fillers, add volume and shape to the lips. Lip fillers use a synthetic hyaluronic acid which is a substance found in the body. The procedure can be used to increase lip size, restore original size, to balance the lip shape and to reduce wrinkles caused by smoking or sun damage.

However, as with any cosmetic treatment, if it essential that you are in good health before undertaking this procedure. It is not advisable to undergo this type of treatment if you have any type of illness of virus, such as cold sores or other oral infections.

It is also important that the procedure is carried out by an experience and reputable professional, to ensure that results are natural.  The swelling will subside in time for the summer giving you a gorgeous plump pout.


Dr. di Mauro’s patients can benefit from one of the latest cosmetic surgery developments, ultrasonic rhinoplasty, a type of rhinoplasty that corrects the nose and has a much shorter recovery time. As with more traditional nose jobs, the procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic. However, this is where the similarity ends, as this procedure reshapes the nose using instruments that vibrate at an ultra-high frequency.  The process is more precise and as a result requires a shorter recover period, less pain and swelling, which means you should be able to return to work after around one week.


If you have looked in the mirror and noticed that your skin isn’t quite as tight as it was, your eyes are looking a little tired and your neck is starting to sag, don’t despair this tends to happen as we all get older. One way to turn back the clock and have a more refreshed face in time for summer is to undergo a facelift.

The new technique, beloved by Hollywood celebrities that don’t want you to know they have gone under the knife, is the deep plane facelift. At the moment, Dr. di Mauro is the only cosmetic surgeon in Marbella to train under the US expert Dr. Jacono, in order to master this technique and in order to offer it to his patients in Spain. Find out more here.


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