Demand for nose jobs to increase in 2022

In the first quarter of 2020 (during the pandemic), the number of people using video conference platforms such as Zoom has increased by 67%. With our faces brought into sharp focus via unflattering online camera, imperfections are highlighted and the nose always seems bigger. Therefore, it is no surprise that in the ensuing months nose jobs have become one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures.


Social media images

Add to this the unrealistic images of celebrities and influencers on social media. Many of the images posted have been altered using editing tools and filters to make features, including the nose more appealing. This has made people extra critical when comparing their own natural features to the perfect edited images that they are bombarded with every day.

A few years ago, the perfect Barbie nose with a dainty upturned tip was in fashion, whereas today’s preferred profile is for natural looking straight lines.


Natural straight lines in. Upturned tips out.

In Marbella, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Pietro di Mauro, renowned for producing natural results with both traditional rhinoplasty surgery and ultrasonic rhinoplasty, confirms that achieving a ‘straight’ and ‘natural’ nose shape seemed to be the main goal throughout 2021. This was the preference for both men and women, as opposed to previous preferences for a more upturned tip.


Facial symmetry with rhinoplasty

A nose job, or to use the medical term ‘rhinoplasty’, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can enhance, reduce, reshape, refine and adjust the angle of the nose. Before deciding to undertake rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic procedure, such as eyelifts and facelifts, its important to understand that every face is different and each result will therefore be different.

When undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, it is important to consider the face as a whole. It could be that the desired size or shape of the nose may not suit the patient’s face and as a result would appear unbalanced.

To achieve the best rhinoplasty surgery results, Dr. di Mauro takes into account the entire facial bone structure, rather than just considering the nose job on its own. For example, if a patient has a weak chin, it may be suggested to augment the chin at the same time as carrying out the rhinoplasty surgery in order to ensure balance.

Your new improved nose should be in proportion to your face and work with your features and bone structure. In other words, the aim is to still look like you, but better after the surgery.


Ultrasonic rhinoplasty in 2022

Dr. Pietro di Mauro is the only cosmetic surgeon in Marbella to provide ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedures.  Until ultrasonic rhinoplasty was developed, rhinoplasty surgery had been carried out virtually in the same way for many years.  Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a major breakthrough, instead of using hammers the machine uses high frequency vibrations, allowing an experienced surgeon like Dr. di Mauro to operate with greater precision.  This results in less trauma and swelling and quicker recovery for the patient.

The surgery will require a general anaesthetic and will take around two hours. After the rhinoplasty surgery, bandages and splints will be required for up to 10 days to allow the new nose to ‘settle’.  Although there will be a degree of swelling, it is possible to return to work within a few weeks.

To recover fully from ultrasonic rhinoplasty, it will take up to three months, whereas traditional rhinoplasty can take up to one year to heal completely.

Dr. di Mauro provides patients with a personal post-operative plan. In general, patients can return home within a couple of hours of the operation. However, it will not be possible to drive therefore transport will need to be arranged.  It is important to follow your personal after-care plan provided by Dr. di Mauro’s team and to attend any necessary follow up appointments, in person or online.

It’s essential for all patients to understand the different methods of rhinoplasty. The results will depend upon the patient’s individual features and also the experience and skill of the surgeon.

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