If you check your news feed, open a magazine or indeed look at the most commonly requested types of boob jobs requested by patients this year, it becomes clear that the preference for pneumatic sized boobs is well and truly over.  Instead, the preference in 2023 is trending towards more natural breast implants in Marbella and indeed around the world.

The recent Breast Implants Global Market Report 2023 published on Global Newswire predicts that the global breast implant market is expected to grow by around 6.99% between 2022 and 2028. This can be in part attributed to trans axillary (under the muscle) breast augmentation which has revolutionized the market due to the decreased risk of scarring. They predict growth in the demand for ‘Gummy Bear’ implants, which have a more natural teardrop shape, as opposed to the round implants favoured back in the day.  It is also suggested that these ‘Gummy Bear’ implants may also reduce the risk of capsular contracture. Find out more about the types of breast surgery here.


Way back in the 1990s, Playboy model and Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson was the ultimate poster girl for boob jobs, favouring unnaturally large round breasts compared to her slight frame. Then fast forward to the Kardashian era and we can see that the emphasis shifted from big boobs and large backsides became must-have aesthetic for their fan base.


However, contrary to popular belief, big boobs and buttocks have never been universally popular. In the USA, the size of the implants varies depending upon which seaboard you live and the higher the socioeconomic class, the smaller the implants. In simple terms, smaller more natural implants are deemed to be more-classy than larger boobs.


Today in 2023, there is a definite shift towards a more streamlined silhouette, with the emphasis on improvement not specifically breast enlargement. Dr. Pietro di Mauro, an expert on breast augmentation in Marbella who has carried out thousands boob jobs throughout his career, confirmed the trend, saying, “I have carried out numerous breast augmentations in Marbella, and regardless of whether the preference is for small or large breast implants, the most important request I receive is for the results to look natural”.


One of the most prevalent influences in everyday life is social media, we are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities and influencers which informs our opinion of what is desirable at any particular time. Although big breasts will always be popular, there is a definite shift towards empowerment of smaller breasted women, particularly in the fields of fashion, media and also reality TV.

Kelly Dodd, a star of US reality TV show, “The Real Housewives of Orange County” explained her desire to undergo a breast reduction in recent interview published on Cosmeticare.com, “Big boobs are out of style, nobody wants big boobs anymore”. In addition to the aesthetic of preferring a more flat-chested silhouette, she also cited the convenience and health benefits of smaller breasts, such as better posture, no back pain and skin irritations.


There are also many people who preferred large bouncy breasts whilst they were younger, as they fitted with their lifestyle, self-image and body. However, as we age, our body’s change and so do our tastes, perception and fashions, which means that not everything that suited us when we are twenty will look good on us today.  So those who had larger implants when younger, are now opting for a smaller more natural aesthetic which is more in keeping with their body frame. Rather than slavishly following the images presented to us in pop culture, as we age, we consider living a healthier and more convenience lifestyle, which quite often includes smaller more discreet breasts.


Anyone who has tried cardio workouts and training will know that it is much easier without the hindrance of large breast implants. The trend today is towards a more athletic and healthy body, which is enhanced with a smaller more naturally shaped breast.

It is important to remember with every type of cosmetic procedure, that everybody is unique and every result will be different. A qualified and experienced doctor specialising in cosmetic surgery can advise you to help you make the right decision based on your body type, preference and desired results.

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