Typically, any mention of breast surgery immediately brings to mind enlargement, or to use the correct term, ‘augmentation mammoplasty’. Yet this is just one of four main types of breast surgery. There are also three further categories; breast reductions, breast lifts and breast reconstruction surgery. Here are three short summaries outlining these three different types of breast surgery.


B R E A S T   A U G M E N T A T I O N   S U R G E R Y 

Let’s start with the most well-known breast surgery category, breast augmentation surgery is performed to improve the appearance of the breast. It could be that a woman isn’t happy with the size or shape of the breast after childbirth and breastfeeding, the breast is too small for her frame or maybe they are asymmetric in size. In which case, augmentation mammoplasty could be the solution.

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to boost the volume, size or correct the shape. The implants can be inserted above or below the chest muscle, which would cause less interference should a mammogram be required. The implants are created using silicone bags filled with either salt water (saline) or silicone gel, but it is more usual for the saline variety to be used.

Before undergoing any surgery its important to understand your expectations and to know the risks. All surgery carries risks, but breast augmentation is an extremely common procedure, especially for an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. di Mauro.

B R E A S T   R E C O N S T R U C T I O N   S U R G E R Y 

Those who undergo breast reconstruction surgery do so in order to achieve the correct appearance and sensation after an injury or surgery. In addition to recreating a natural shape and the desired volume, quite often the areola and nipple area will also need to be recreated. In which case the ability to breast feed and normal sensation will be lost due to the loss of the milk glands etc.

The desired contour and size can be created using breast implants or by garnering tissue from another area of the patient’s body, usually around the stomach, buttock or back.   If recreating just one breast, the implant or tissue will need to be sized to match the existing natural breast.

B R E A S T   R E D U C T I O N   S U R G E R Y 

Although large breasts are coveted by many, the reality of pendulous large breasts mean irritation, chafing bra straps, backache and discomfort to many women. In which case the answer can often be ‘reduction mammoplasty’ or breast reduction.

This type of surgery involves the removal of part of the breast, including fat and skin. This is a serious procedure that must be carried out by a skilled surgeon in order to preserve the sensation on the breast and the glandular tissue around the nipple and areola, and the ability to produce milk.  Although the operation can result in a degree of scarring, many women feel liberated by the results.

B R E A S T   L I F T S

Over time skin becomes weak and unable to support the weight of the breast or sagging may occur due to weight loss or breastfeeding, causing the breasts to sag.  Mastopexy, the correct term for a breast lift is the process of removing the excess skin to lift the breast. In some women, the skin is not strong or resilient enough to support the weight of the breast, causing the breasts to sag.

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