Aging happens to us all. At some point the skin loses its elasticity, things start to droop and sag, leaving us looking and feeling a little tired. Yet, there are some faces in Hollywood that look eternally young, refreshed and rejuvenated. There are no tell-tale signs of taut skin or puffed-up cheeks and pouts that you would expect from a regular facelift or the overuse of fillers.

You could be forgiven for wondering if we’re witnessing a real-life version of Brad Pitt’s film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or these celebs have discovered the fountain of youth. In fact, they have discovered a secret….the deep plane facelift. The hottest cosmetic treatment in Hollywood!


Although not a new procedure, it is only carried out by a handful of highly skilled surgeons, it is considered to be a game changer due to the more natural results. Dr. Andrew Jacono, operating out of the New York Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, is widely acknowledged to be the leading expert in who is a leading expert in deep plane facelifts.

Unlike a traditional facelift which involves peeling back the skin from the facial muscles, the advanced deep plane facelift leaves the skin attached to the muscle, operating deep within the facial structure. The muscles and fat are then repositioned within the ‘deep plane’ layer (hence the name). This allows the skin to be smoothed rather than stretched and pulled. Thereby avoiding an unnatural taut appearance that can occur after some facelifts.

It could be said that you are shoring up the foundations of the face and putting things back in the right place. The aim is to deliver a natural looking face that doesn’t look like it has been lifted, instead, you simply look like a younger rejuvenated version of yourself.


There are many celebs who look exceptionally youthful beyond their years, but have no tell-tale signs of surgery. But does that mean they have had a deep plane facelift? Well, the cat was let out of the bag by international fashion designer Marc Jacobs. He shared details of facial surgery on social media, showing the before and after shots.  He also left no doubt about his opinion of aging by including a few hashtags like ‘#f*ckgravity,’ and also named checked his celebrity surgeon, the aforementioned Dr. Jacono.

The New York Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery’s website clearly lists celebrity plastic surgeon and star of the TV serious Botched, Dr. Paul Nassif, as a client who has also undergone a deep plane facelift. The price of the procedure was estimated to be in the region of  $50,000 dollars (reported in the UK newspaper The Daily Mail).

Dr. di Mauro, often described as the best cosmetic surgeon in Marbella, explained that the deep plane facelift is more expensive than the traditional facelift because of the intricacy and that it also represents better value. The deep plane method delivers more natural results that can last for up to 15 years. This is twice as long as the traditional SMAS facelift, which can start to show signs of drooping in half the time.

Dr. Pietro di Mauro is currently studying the deep plane technique under the guidance of leading Italian plastic surgeons and he is due to cross the Atlantic to work with Dr. Jacono in Spring 2023. After which, he will be the only surgeon offering this technique in Spain.


In addition to the aesthetic benefits of the deep plane technique the risks are also reduced.  A study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal concludes that the deep plane facelift procedure has the lowest risk of damaging the facial nerves.


Healing can be quicker with a deep plane facelift as there is less tension on the skin.  However, as with any serious surgical procedure, you can expect a lot of swelling and bruising immediately afterwards, but this will subside naturally over several weeks. Recovery time varies between each patient.


Every patient is different and your suitability for any type of cosmetic surgery procedure will depend upon your general health, lifestyle and reasons for wanting the surgery. That said, the deep plane technique can be used on a wide range of patients, typically in the middle-aged spectrum. It is also possible to start younger, perhaps in the early 40s to stave off the appearance of aging and much older who want to get rid of unsightly jowls, etc.

It is important for anyone considering undergoing any type of medical procedure to research your surgeon to ensure they have the correct experience and qualifications. The next step is to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements and expectations. At this point, the surgeon will inform you of the expected results, the process and any risks.

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