Cosmetic surgery in Marbella: Everything you need to know about lip fillers

Zoom has a lot to answer for! It seems like everyone is worried about how they look onscreen and deciding that they need some enhancement, particularly around their lips. Cosmetic lip injections are at all time high as more and more people feel the need for a plumper pout.

If you are considering giving your lips some extra oomph, it’s important to know your lip injections from lip flips. Lip augmentation is a serious cosmetic procedure and there are risks if it is not undertaken by a skilled and experienced surgeon, like Marbella based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Pietro di Mauro. It is possible to undergo fillers at a spa or beauty salon, but many people find that results are less than perfect at best, and in the worst cases they are putting their lives at risk. In addition, there is the addition cost and discomfort associated with repairing the damage – if it is possible.

What first time lip fillers need to know

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that adds volume to the lips and enhances the shape using injectable filler. The most commonly used products are Restylane or Juvéderm, hyaluronic acid-based solutions which are mixed with lidocaine. Hyaluronic acid is perfect for plumping the lips, and indeed other areas of the face, as it can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight of water, making it perfect for both hydration (in moisturising products) and for plumping. There is the added bonus that it can also be dissolved.

The procedure can be carried out in your surgeon’s office relatively quickly and you will experience virtually no downtime (with the exception of ‘fat injection’, as this needs to be harvested first via liposuction before being injected into the lips).

Natural looking lip fillers

Don’t be put off lip injections by the overinflated pout of many influencers, as lip fillers can be customised. With the right surgeon, it possible to create a natural looking lip, with the right amount of volume, plumpness and an attractive even shape. The best way to achieve a natural yet fuller look is to gradually add more lip fillers, so that they don’t look artificially inflated. This is where your cosmetic surgeon is your best friend, as they can ensure that over time you still retain a natural look.

Dr. Pietro di Mauro explains, “If you want a natural looking lip, it is recommended that you start with just half a syringe full of solution. Then after a couple of weeks, another half a syringe can be injected. Never be tempted to have filler injected during the first treatment.”

Lip flips vs Lip fillers

If you are on Tik Tok or Instagram you will have heard about ‘lip flips’ which is another method of achieving a poutier look but without injecting fillers. Instead, your surgeon will inject a small amount of neurotoxin to relax the muscle around the lips. This is the ‘flip’ that the name refers to. Lip flips are usually considered for those with a gummy smile or thin lips, as they are flipped out to provide a naturally larger lip. However, if you want to add volume, filler is usually recommended.

Are lip fillers safe?

As touched upon above, any lip injections are an invasive medical procedure which means a modicum of risk, no matter how small. This is why it is important to consult with a certified and experienced surgeon, who will be able to administer the lip injections correctly and provide pre and post operative advice.

For example, after any lip augmentation procedure, there is bound to be some swelling and redness, but this should subside after a day or two. To reduce the level of post-procedure swelling, it is advisable to stop taking any medicine or other substances that can thin the blood at least 10 days before. Similarly, for the first 24-hours after the lip injections, you should refrain from doing any exercise or doing anything that will increase the flow of blood to the face.

How long will lip fillers last?

The length of time your lip fillers last will depend upon your metabolism, as with all areas of cosmetic surgery everyone’s body is different. In fact, there are many variables, including the product used and the level of plumpness, but as a rule of thumb, lip fillers can last from six months up to three years.

What to expect when you have lip injections

Before the procedure begins, your doctor will numb the area around your lips to prevent any discomfort, similar to the anaesthetic used by a dentist. The next step is to mark where the lip fillers will be injected, where fine needles will be used to carefully inject the lip filler.

The results should be instantly noticeable and after any swelling and bleeding has subsided, the lips will feel completely natural.

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