Growing demand for cosmetic surgery in Marbella

Medical tourism for cosmetic surgery in Marbella is alive and well, even in the midst of a global pandemic! The Medical Tourism Index 2020-2021 has published a list of the top 46 global destinations for Medical Tourism and Spain is ranked as number four throughout the world, sitting behind only Canada, Singapore and Japan.

This is hardly surprising considering that Spain’s healthcare is currently ranked by the World Health Organisation as the best in the world, including highly skilled cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Pietro di Mauro. Another added benefit of choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery in Marbella, is the stringent Covid vaccination programme adopted by the Spanish Government to ensure the country’s health and safety. After one of the most drastic lockdowns and the closure of cosmetic surgery clinics due to Covid-19, as from the 7th June 2021 vaccinated medical travellers were once again welcomed into the country.

Increase in overseas enquiries

In fact, throughout the pandemic to date, Dr. di Mauro has received a growing number of enquiries from overseas patients who are considering procedures such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast reduction surgery and due to the increase in Zoom calls and need to wear masks, eyelid surgery, facelifts and eyebrow lifts are becoming increasingly popular.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery in Spain

Marbella based cosmetic surgeon Dr. di Mauro explains, “Prior to travelling to Spain, all patients are offered a free online consultation to discuss their requirements and receive advice on the best treatment and possible outcomes. For example, a patient may in fact require a tummy tuck to remove excess fat and skin, rather than liposuction which is more appropriate for removing stubborn pockets of fat and sculpting a smoother silhouette. When arriving for cosmetic surgery in Marbella, patients can rest assured that my clinic adheres to the highest clinical standards, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Why people opt for treatment abroad

There are many reasons why patients decide to have cosmetic surgery overseas, in many cases it is due to the lower cost. Yet, it can also be the reputation of the cosmetic surgeon, this is the case with Dr. Pietro di Mauro, he is well-known as a talented surgeon and as the first to adopt new techniques such as high definition Lipo Vaser (a new method of liposuction).

Privacy is another driving factor, by hopping on a plane for a couple of weeks to undergo your cosmetic surgery in Marbella, you can recover in warm comfortable surroundings without anyone knowing you have had a procedure.

Steps to take before travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery

  1. Find the right surgeon. Do your research and check what previous patients say about them. Check out their qualifications, experience and request testimonials from real patients who have already undergone treatment. Dr. di Mauro’s credentials and experience are second to none and can be easily checked, and all patient testimonials can be viewed on the website and provided upon request.
  1. Book a free online consultation several weeks ahead of your planned surgery and apprise your cosmetic surgeon of your medical history. Allow enough time for you to make sure any conditions are under control and get advice on how to minimise risk or illness.
  1. Check the entry conditions for your destination and check that you have all of the necessary vaccinations and paperwork.
  1. Prior to travelling undertake a Covid-19 test and arrange for a final check up to make sure you are in general good health. Ask for copies of any test results related to any medical conditions and note any allergies. If travelling to Spain, it would be helpful to get any important documents relating to treatment, conditions and allergies into Spanish.
  1. Make sure you have agreed the price and receive a written contract specifying the agreed treatment and cost.
  1. If you don’t speak the language (Dr. di Mauro and his team speak perfect English), arrange for a translator to help you. It is important to understand what is being explained to you prior to and during your procedure.
  1. Make sure you follow the personal post-operative plan provided by your cosmetic surgeon. Dr. di Mauro provides all patients with details aftercare plans outlining follow up appointments, when you can remove compression bandages, sunbathe, drink alcohol, undertake gentle exercise or return to work following your procedure.
  2. Request copies of your medical records so that you can provide them to your regular health authority should they be requested at any time in the future.

If you would like to arrange a free online consultation or further details of the range of cosmetic surgeries provided by Dr. Pietro di Mauro call 648 43 45 93 or email