We’ve all had days when we feel a little under par and a bit rough around the edges with tired looking eyes and skin. This could be the result of late nights partying and overindulging, stress related or simply not drinking enough water, which can be easily remedied. However, at some point we will all reach the stage when we need a little help, whether it’s an eyelift, lip fillers or a full-blown deep plane facelift in order to look our best.

And according to survey undertaken by the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the number of appointments for aesthetic treatments (including non-surgical procedures) for the face have been steadily rising since 2021. The recent Zoom boom has made us to take a hard look in the mirror and in many cases we’ve noticed imperfections and features that we may have overlooked before.


Newbeauty.com’s article, “Facial plastic surgery trends 2023”, reports that the most popular facial cosmetic surgery for patients in their 20s and 30s is rhinoplasty (nose job). However, there also is definite rise in the number of requests for ‘prejuvenation’ treatments and ‘tweakments’, used as a means of preservation and prevention, as opposed to turning back the hands of time via a full facelift. Enhancing ‘tweakments’ such as lip fillers are perfect for helping patients look the best version of themselves, without making major changes. There are many small issues that can be addressed using injectables, such as improving skin quality, correcting the line of a nose, removing fine lines and plumping up lips.


There are all sorts of non-surgical aesthetic treatments for your skin, such as Fillers used to relax wrinkles, ultrasound to smooth and tighten your skin and radio frequency to improve facial contouring. Radio frequency microneedling is also used to create a glow, whilst micro-coring technology can be used on stubborn hyperpigmentation (sun spots), scarring and for firming up sagging skin in the lower jaw area. These treatments are widely popular due to their effectiveness and non-invasive nature, and also the fact that there is no recovery time required, making them quick and pain free.


Another trending aesthetic treatment is the buccal fat removal in order to achieve a more contoured and sculpted face. The operation involves removing the deep buccal fat pocket in the lower third of the cheek. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and recovery can take between one and seven days during which time the swelling will subside. It is advisable not to undertake any strenuous physical activity or exercise for at least two weeks.

However, due to the young demographic requesting buccal fat removal, Dr. Pietro di Mauro advises younger patients to consider carefully the implications of having this treatment. This is because as you age, volume is lost in the face which can make you look older. This is why we use fillers re-plump and reverse the effects of aging. The problem is, that if you have already removed the buccal fat, you could end up with a prematurely aged face upon reaching middle age. Of course, no face or body is the same, and it is important to discuss your desired outcome with your doctor before committing to any cosmetic surgery.


A facelift is an invasive cosmetic surgery procedure which improves the signs of aging, such as puffy eyes, sagging skin, wrinkles and deep lines. We all age at different rates, but as a general rule, a facelift should not be necessary until you reach the age of 40 and above. When carried out by an experienced doctor, lifting and repositioning the muscles and skin the face helps the patient look much more youthful. The aim is to achieve a natural look, so that the change will not be so obvious or dramatic, just a more natural rejuvenated look.

One of the most revolutionary procedures if the deep plane facelift, which is the go-to procedure for celebrities who don’t want the world to know they have had a facelift. Find out more about this cosmetic surgery procedure in our blog, “Deep plane facelifts. The hottest trend in Hollywood soon to be available in Marbella”.

To answer the question as to whether you are ready for a facelift, you need to consider your long-term goal and how quickly you are aging. We all age at different rates, due to lifestyle, environment and genetics, so this needs to be taken into account, when considering if it is time to take action.

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