We’ve all had bad hair days, breakouts of spots or just feel like we don’t look our best, but what if we are permanent self-conscious about perceived imperfections. Are we being superficial?

A desire to look young and beautiful is natural and it can also be the first step to feeling good about yourself. People who consider themselves to be attractive seem to be more self-confident. It is a fact, when we look good, we feel even better. But is it mere vanity driving our quest to look young and beautiful or something deeper?

Self-perceived beauty = self-confidence

Rather than dismissing the desire to get rid of excess body fat, get a boob job, remove crows’ feet or to undergo facial threads, the desire to look and ‘feel’ beautiful is much more than skin deep. Your self-perception can affect your entire personality and life choices.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It isn’t vanity, studies have shown that there is a psychological correlation between self-perceived beauty, self-confidence, wellbeing and our place in society. Research by Professor Margaret Neale and Peter Balmi (Stanford Graduate School of Business) found that in five different studies of both men and women, those who perceive themselves to be physically attractive believe that they belong to a higher social class. Which implies that in addition to wealth, education and career, beauty will also affect how people are ranked in society.

Investment vs vanity

Cosmetic surgery is an increasingly popular option for those who want to correct or improve their appearance, as it can provide a transformative effect, both physically and psychologically. To the casual observer, undergoing rhinoplasty (a nose job) may seem trivial. Yet to the patient, the correction of even a tiny imperfection such as a small bump on a nose, could have a transformative effective on their self-confidence. Rather than an act of vanity, it is an investment in a happier more confident future.

Surgery to look younger

As skin ages it starts to sag and it is not uncommon for women over a certain age to comment that they feel they have become invisible or self-conscious of their imperfections. Rather than feeling like a fading beauty, many older patients opt to undergo a facelift procedure, eyelift and even a boob job, to achieve a fresher younger appearance and most importantly to feel better about themselves.

Pre-cosmetic surgery consultation

A good cosmetic surgeon always puts patient wellbeing first. Leading cosmetic surgeon in Marbella, Dr. Pietro di Mauro explains that his patients’ mental and physical wellbeing is paramount and prior to any cosmetic surgery procedures it is crucial for patients to undergo a private consultation to discuss their desires and expectations.

A cosmetic surgery procedure could be the start of a new you…where you feel beautiful both inside and out.

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