Your nose is located in the middle of your face so it is only natural that it should have a huge impact on how you view your face. The shape, size, position, in fact even the smallest imperfection (perceived or otherwise), can have an enormous affect on your appearance and self-confidence. Which is why rhinoplasty surgery is such a popular cosmetic procedure for those who want to achieve the perfect nose.

What is Nose tip lift surgery?

Nose tip lift surgery or to use the more official name, Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty surgery, is localised nose surgery that concentrates solely on the tip of the nose. It can be used to reshape or reduce the size of the nose tip.

How does it differ from other types of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

When you undergo a nose tip rhinoplasty procedure the aim is usually to deliver the perfect projection and make the nose tip proportions in line with the rest of the nose.  This type of nose job would be used on a patient who is satisfied with the rest of the nose but just requires corrections around the nose tip or nostrils.

Marbella cosmetic surgery expert, Dr. Pietro di Mauro, explains, “As its name suggests, nasal tip rhinoplasty procedures would be undertaken to reshape the nose tip, possibly by removing excess cartilage and refining the nostrils, but the nasal bones would not be touched in this type of procedure. It is less invasive that full rhinoplasty, yet the results can be just as impressive as the more widely known rhinoplasty surgery.”

Corrections that can be achieved with nose tip lift surgery:

  • Lift a drooping tip
  • Sculpt a wide nose tip
  • Reduce a large sized nose tip
  • Reshape, rebalance and correct flared nostrils
  • Straightening of an undesirable curve
  • Revision work (correct previous nose jobs)

Why nasal tip rhinoplasty surgery is less invasive

Both nose tip and full rhinoplasty are serious surgical procedures that would need to be carried out under general anaesthetic. However, with nose tip lift surgery you would be under the anaesthetic for a shorter length of time.

As you would expect, post-surgery, you would be expected to experience swelling and bruising after any serious surgical procedure. However, the post-surgery recovery would also be much shorter as the nose tip surgery would not involve reshaping the bones. This means considerably less downtime, allowing you to get back to your normal routine much quicker.

Who is a good candidate for nose tip lift surgery?

As with any medical surgery procedures, patients must be in a reasonably good state of physical health and ideally should not smoke.

In general, this type of surgery would be recommended for adults, as their features will already be fully grown. The patient should also be in the right headspace, with clear and realistic ideas about what can be achieved. Although 3D imaging technology is available, it’s important to understand that everyone is different, and there can be several factors that could influence the outcome.

What nose tip lift surgery involve?

Although not such a large procedure as a full rhinoplasty operation, it is very complex and requires a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon. The operation requires a general anaesthetic and the refinements would be carried out via small incisions inside the nostrils, making the process completely scar free.

After the surgery, it is crucial not to touch the area around the nose and to avoid energetic activity for around three or four weeks. External swelling and bruising should subside after a few weeks, but internal swelling may cause the same feeling as a blocked nose for a couple of months.

Post-surgery care

All of Dr. Pietro di Mauro’s patients are provided with a personal post-operative plan and will be required to attend follow up appointments to track progress, this could be remotely, other face to face treatments need to be administered. As with all serious surgery, if you are worried about any aspect of your recovery, it is essential to contact the surgeon immediately.

Dr. Pietro di Mauro, a leading plastic surgeon here in Marbella, is currently the only expert to perform ultrasonic rhinoplasty in the Costa del Sol area.
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