The demand for lip fillers has increased popularity over the last couple of years, especially influenced by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner who has had a well-documented series of injections. Lip fillers can be tempting for many who feel self-conscious about their lips or for people who just want that little extra pop to add plumpness.

If you are interested in lip fillers, you are likely to have some questions. In this blog post Dr. Pietro di Mauro answers some of his patient´s most common questions about lip fillers.

What are they made of?

The most common lip fillers today are hyaluronic acid-based fillers, which contain substances similar to those found in our bodies. Hyaluronic lip fillers work to plump the lip by trapping naturally occurring water in the lips for a more natural look. This can help give the lips shape, structure and volume. There are different kinds of hyaluronic acid fillers on the market, but the most known ones are Restylane and Juvéderm.

How much filler do I need?

With hyaluronic acid-based fillers it’s easy to control the lip volume one wants to achieve. It’s quite common for those who want a subtle and gentle look to go for 1 ml. For those wanting a fuller look, more similar to Kylie Jenner, they might want to choose 2 or 3 ml. If the lips are very thin, a few appointments might be necessary to achieve a full look. It’s smart to think about the desired result before seeing the doctor, and he or she can discuss the outcome.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is usually pain free, but a little local or topical anaesthetic to numb the area can be used. Some people decide to use a numbing cream, but this is something that should be consulted with the doctor.

Do they make my lips feel different?

Lip fillers shouldn’t make your lips feel any different if they have been administered by a qualified surgeon or aesthetic professional.

Are the results instant and is there any aftercare?  

The results are instantaneous. Your lips might be a little bit swollen after the procedure but this should alleviate within the first 24 hours. Straight after the procedure the patient is free to go home and enjoy their enhanced look. Patients should stay hydrated with plenty of water, apply ice if the swelling is uncomfortable and avoid exercise and hot temperatures for the first 24-48 hours after the injections.

How long do they last?  

The results will last between 6 and 18 months, it does however depend on the patient and the filler used. Best to ask your surgeon how long you can expect to see the result.

Can I remove them whenever I want and what’s the chances it can go wrong?  

Risks are very rare, but it is possible to have an allergic reaction. Do you feel unhappy with the result, get an allergic reaction or simply just want to remove them, then your healthcare professional can use hyaluronidase is an enzyme to safely dissolve the filler.

If you are interested in lip fillers or another type of aesthetic medicine, contact Dr Pietro di Mauro now!