Have you had a breast augmentation in the past? With breast augmentation being one of the most common plastic surgeries in Europe, the periodic replacement of an implant, lift or correction of a previous surgery is happening more often.

In this blog post, Dr Pietro di Mauro answers some popular questions from patients asking about a breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation revision, do I need to have one?

You may ask yourself why to have a breast augmentation revision surgery, is it really necessary? The answer to this is that it depends on the situation. The goal of this surgery is usually to improve or change the appearance of the breasts. With breast augmentation revision, its possible to reposition the current implants or increase/decrease the size of the breast implant and there is also the option of performing a mastopexy to lift the breasts.

Why consider the surgery and when?

Many believe that breast implants need to be changed every 10 years, this however is not strictly necessary. There are different reasons for wanting to have a breast augmentation surgery and it may be necessary at different stages, depending on the reason.

What’s the most common reason for the surgery?

Size change – some women might decide that they went too big or too small with their previous breast augmentation. A breast augmentation revision can remove the existing implants and replace them with the size better suited to you.

Implant issues – whether there is a rippling or a deflated implant, a revision surgery can resolve these kinds of issues. Sometimes women decide to remove their implant completely and perhaps go ahead with a lift.

Capsular contracture – one of the most common reasons women want to revise their breast augmentation. Capsular contracture happens when the body forms tight scar tissue around the implant, contracting it until the implant misshapes or hardens.

Breast symmetry – changes in the body or in the implants over time can result in a visible asymmetry of the breasts.

What if I’m not happy with a previous surgery?

Another reason for wanting a breast augmentation revision is that the patient is simply unhappy with the result.

Usually, breast augmentation takes a year to “settle” so if you are still unhappy with the results a year after your surgery, it would be an idea to visit a surgeon to discuss your concerns

Can a breast augmentation revision fix issues with my implants?

Among the reasons to have a breast surgery revision, is to repair visible imperfections with implants, such as a rippling or deflated appearance mentioned above.

The case of breast implant rippling is when the fold of the implant can be felt or seen easily through the skin. Rippling may happen if the implants are too large for the patient’s skin tissue and is more likely to happen if the implant is placed between the breast tissue and chest muscle, instead of under the chest muscle.

Another reason some patients decide on a breast augmentation revision is capsular contracture, which is when the body builds scar tissue around the implant, tightening around it and misshaping the implant. Revision surgery can release the scar tissue to open the implant pocket again or remove the scar tissue completely for a softer look.

The breast augmentation revision surgery

If undergoing a breast augmentation revision surgery, the recovery process will be very similar to the one after the initial surgery. Swelling can occur for the six first weeks, and it may take between 6 and 12 months before the breasts feel “normal” again. For more information about recovery process, read our Complete Guide to Breast Surgery Recovery.

Things to keep in mind

The most important thing to remember is to listen to your surgeon. The surgeon will take you through the whole process, and make sure you are the right candidate for the procedure. Your communication with the surgeon is crucial to reach the aesthetic goals you have for your breasts. If you’re ever concerned about your breast implants, remember to contact the surgeon straight away.

If you are interested in a no-obligation appointment with Dr. Pietro di Mauro about a breast augmentation surgery, feel free to contact us today.