5 years ago 5 years ago

The evolution of breast sizes: from the voluptuous 50s to the natural 00s.

2021-02-15T02:25:55+01:005 years ago|Breast augmentation|

Just like fashion and hair styles, breasts too have seen a change throughout the years. From the curvaceous models like Marilyn Monroe to the petite frames of Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn, women´s body shapes [...]

6 years ago 6 years ago

Breast augmentation revision: Is it time to review your implants

2021-02-15T02:25:21+01:006 years ago|Breast augmentation|

Have you had a breast augmentation in the past? With breast augmentation being one of the most common plastic surgeries in Europe, the periodic replacement of an implant, lift or correction of a previous [...]

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