Typically, when a plastic surgeon holds an appointment with a patient to discuss breast augmentation, they will be shown a portfolio of images of different types and shapes of implants. Before and after photographs will give an idea of how their breasts can be transformed by adding implants but it can be difficult for women to really understand how the surgery will look on them personally.
At Pietro di Mauro, we are one of the FIRST clinics on the Costa del Sol to offer an innovative technology that allows us to show patients in real time and in 3D, how a breast augmentation would look on their own body. This ground breaking technology uses virtual reality goggles to show women what their enhanced breasts will look like, without stepping foot in an operating theatre. The technology, known as Crisalix, uses 3D simulation app allowing potential breast augmentation candidates to look down at their enhanced chest to see how they would look with implants of varying sizes. It also allows women to see their entire torso from different angles to give them a live demonstration of how their body could look.
At Pietro di Mauro, we felt this technology was crucial to have because it provides a more realistic idea of surgery. We champion innovation and new technology that we can use to help our patients get a better idea of their projected plastic surgery.

So how does it work?

1) Photographs are taken of the patient´s body, which are then uploaded into the Crisalix app
2) Dr di Mauro enters data which will tell the app the size and shape of the implant
3) Patient puts on virtual reality goggles and can view their body in real time, as if the surgery has already taken place
4) Implant size and shape can be amended so that the patient can get an idea of how their body will look with different augmentations
5) Patient discusses the next steps with Dr di Mauro, such as their suitability for surgery

Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt? The simple answer is no. With 3D virtual reality, your surgeon will simply take photographs of your torso via the Crisalix app and the technology will do the rest.
Do I need to come into the clinic to use the simulator? We recommend that our patients come to one of our clinics for any consultation but we can, on special cases, do home visits. The technology is handheld and so completely mobile.
Can the simulator show the implants under clothes? Yes, we can show patients both with and without clothes.
If I go ahead with surgery, how close will my breasts look to the virtual reality images?The 3D simulator serves as a guide and can help distinguish between breast shapes and sizes. Most importantly, what wasn´t possible before, was for women to really see the differences in the weight of the breast, such as the difference between 300cc and 400cc. Surgeons will be able to easily distinguish between small adjustments but it can be difficult to interpret. We cannot guarantee an exact match between what you see in the simulator and what your surgery will create, because the technology cannot take into account your skin, your muscle – finer details which shape how the implant will sit on your body.
Is this technology only for breast augmentation? No – we can also use Crisalix for rhinoplasty, liposuction and a number of other plastic surgeries.
If you´d like to book at appointment with Dr di Mauro to discuss breast augmentation, or any other plastic surgery or aesthetic medicine, contact the team today on +34 648 434 593